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Deck Planks

Extruded aluminium profiles joint together by a sealed tongue and groove connection and 2,5 mms high serration to provide sufficient friction on the landing surface.

Support Girders

One layer of large extruded aluminium H-girders to support the deck planks.

Safety Net Frames - Prefabricated with netting and in sizes suitable for transport and mounting.

Safety Net Support

Prefabricated from aluminium profiles.

Drainage Gutter all around

Size 200x200 mms with 50 mms high edge to retain water and foam, brackets for flood and perimetry lights and rope net tensioners, grating at access points and short, flanged tubes for connection to the drainage piping.

Tie Down Fittings

Prefabricated from aluminium profiles.

Connection to the Steel Structure - Steel Plates bolted underneath the girders

for connection to the support by welding, with neoprene sheet in between for insulation.

Fasteners etc.

Bolts, nuts, washers, etc, all in stainless steel. Sealing rail for the central joint, sealing compound.

Class Approval

Included in Kapp Aluminium Tretum Offshore`s delivery.

Assembly Assistance

Supervision or entire assembly crew from Kapp Aluminium Tretum Offshore,

with special tools and long experience.

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