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Low Weight

Due to clever use of extrusion technique the weight savings compared to steel decks are substantial, up to 70%.

No Maintenance

Seawather resistant aluminium alloys are used. All details are engineered to avoid corrosion traps. Only marking painting is required.

Friction Surface Sufficient

Serrated surface provides a friction that meets the requirements from authorities and class, i. e. no friction paint.

Easy Assembly

Clever design, special tools and excellent supervisor/assembly crew from Kapp Aluminium will assure cost efficient assembly.

Approvals - no problem

Approvals from class and authorities will be taken care of

by our engineering staff.

Heat Tracing

The deck can be delivered with electrical heating cables if it shall be in operation far north or on a hospital roof, where it is imperative to have the deck available at any time and the use of rope net should be avoided.

Top Fire Safety

The Deck can be delivered with Deck Integrated Fire Fighting system as strongly recommended in the CAP437. A number of pop-up nozzle in the deck surface will deliver water/foam mixture that extinuishes fuel fires in less that 15 seconds, as recommended.  Fire monitors and hose reels will not be required.


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