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Additional Equipment and services, deliverable upon agreement


Perimetry lights, flood lights and illuminated wind sock, ex or strd as required.


Due to extreme transport costs on assembled helidecks it is advantageous to do the assembly at the client`s yard. Kapp Aluminium can provide a supervisor or the entire assembly crew. The assembly will normally take no more than 3 weeks.

Firefighting Equipment

Monitors, extinguishers, deck integrated fire fighting systems and rescue equipment as required by client and actual regulations.

Piping for Firefighting Equiment


Piping for drainage

Piping from the gutter to an agreed point.

Platforms etc.

Platforms for firefighting equipment, stairs, ladders and walkways

for helideck access and escape routes.

Support Structure Design

Design and class approval for fabrication by client.

Support Structure

Prefabrication of support structure to plane frames.

The element size is limited to fit road transport.

Assemly at customer`s yard.

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