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Aluminium Helideck

Low Weight -

Due to clever use of extrusion technique the weight savings compared to steel decks are substantial, up to 70%.

No Maintenance -

Seawather resistant aluminium alloys are used. All details are engineered to avoid corrosion traps. Only marking painting is required.

Friction Surface Sufficient -

Serrated surface provides a friction that meets the requirements from authorities and class, i. e. no friction paint.

Easy Assembly -

Clever design, special tools and excellent supervisor/assembly crew from Kapp Aluminium will assure cost efficient assembly.

Approvals - no problem -

Approvals from class and authorities will be taken care of by our engineering staff.

Heat Tracing -

The deck can be delivered with electrical heating cables if it shall be in operation far north or on a hospital roof, where it is imperative to have the deck available at any time and the use of rope net should be avoided.

Top Fire Safety -

The Deck can be delivered with Deck Integrated Fire Fighting system as strongly recommended in the CAP437. A number of pop-up nozzle in the deck surface will deliver water/foam mixture that extinuishes fuel fires in less that 15 seconds, as recommended.  Fire monitors and hose reels will not be required.

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